Since moving to Brooklyn in August of 2022, I have worked in several off-broadway theatres as a scenic charge and props master. This follows my work with University Productions at The University of Michigan where I grew to a staff position by the end of my four years with them. During my time at Umich, I was involved in over 20 student productions taking on various roles to expand my horizons. 
Scenic Painting
After working in scenic shops for several years, I honed my skills as a scenic charge artist with textures, colors, and backdrops. 
Clown Show
In 2021, I designed and painted a 10x16ft backdrop for the annual Clown Show at UMich. The next year, I performed my clown with the drop after taking the course. 
Murakami By The Sea, 2019 & 2022
Murakami By The Sea was a devised theatre piece I worked on during both my freshman and senior year. I designed the set and performed as I repainted the walls every night during the 1.5 hour piece. 
Props/ Models
carved from foam
carved from foam
High School Scenic Designs
In 2016 and 2017, I was the scenic designer and charge artist for two productions, Moon Over Buffalo and Kiss Me Kate.
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